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Sales University® is a different kind of professional development consultancy. Everything we do is rooted in the fundamental belief that, in the final analysis – in Salesresults are all that count. Backed by more than 25 years of working with sales organizations across the business spectrum, and a vast depth of knowledge about how adults actually learn; Sales University is your source for professional development and coaching resources that will help you effect real, lasting gains in sales performance. When it comes to professional development:
      • One size does not fit all.


      • There are no shortcuts to sustained success.


      • The training event is just the beginning of the learning process.
This is why we have designed the Sales University Curriculum for Achievement to be a comprehensive, fully-integrated, self-tailoring, professional development program designed to meet you and your people where you are today, with the power to support you all the way through the achievement of your highest business goals.

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Learn the keys to training for greater sales effectiveness instead of for effect. This paper discusses the process for training for peak performance, and why so much of what is done in sales training fails to produce lasting results. Click Here to download your free copy now.
Get introduced to how you can leverage the power of integrating multiple training mediums & modalities to create a continuous learning culture within your business that will help produce greater sales results. Click Here to download your free copy now.
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Download this FREE Success Habit from our virtual Campus Library. Learn a powerful Time Management Model for Sales Professionals. You will find Success Habits on 100's of topics in our Campus Library. Click here to download your free copy now.
Download this FREE Job Aid from the Sales University Campus Library. Use this Job Aid in conjunction with the Time Management Success Habit to create a personalized Time Management Matrix for your business and your life. Click here to download your free copy now.
The Top Line™ ...

Publisher's Note:

We have temporarily halted publication of The Top Line™ e-newsletter, as we are dedicating all of our creative resources to a very exciting new curriculum development initiative.

During this sabbatical, we will use the space to share links to articles, profiles, videos, and sites we find inspirational, educational & entertaining. We trust you will agree:

  • Vanderbilt's Tim Corbin: Developing Champions 'the right way' -- Vanderbilt University Head Baseball Coach, Tim Corbin, is one of the greatest Leaders I have ever had the opportunity to meet and observe in action. There is a reason why the smallest school in the powerhouse Southeast Conference, and on of the most challenging academic schools in the nation, has developed the premier collegiate baseball program in the country, and are the reigning NCAA Division I Champions. That reason is Tim Corbin.

  • The Napoleon Hill Foundation -- You can trace virtually all of the writing and teaching in the field of Success over the last century back to the Laws of Success, inspired by Andrew Carnegie, and documented by Napoleon Hill. Anybody interested in enjoying a more enriching life will be well served to become a student of Napoleon Hill, and learn to live by the Laws of Success. The Napoleon Hill Foundation makes available a complete library of Hill's great works. You may wish to start your journey with Everything I Know About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill, written by Don Green, Executive Director of the Foundation.

Success Thought

"The average person puts only 25% of his energy into his work.
The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity,
and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%."
~ Andrew Carnegie

Sales Truth

There is no such thing as a rational buying decision.
Every buying decision that has ever been made, or ever will be made,
is an emotional decision rationalized with facts.