Have the vision to see your future ... and the will to grasp it.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." 


~ Chinese Proverb



"Teach your people how to fish, give them the tools to use, and coach them to success,

and you can build the business of your dreams." 


~ Sales University Addendum


Sales University® is a different kind of professional development consultancy. At Sales University, we understand that in the final analysis — in Sales results are all that count. Sadly, as far too many businesses experience time and again, there is no direct correlation between making investments in Strategic Planning, Training, or Technology, and the production of measurable, sustainable, incremental sales results.

Business Owners and Leaders are searching for ways to increase revenues, increase margins, cut cost per order dollar, and otherwise drive greater sales effectiveness & results. Sales University is in the business of helping our Clients drive greater sales effectiveness, and achieve greater sales results.
We help our client's achieve their business goals by:  


  • Using proprietary and commercial assessment tools to measure the current state of the business' sales and customer care organizations.


  • Benchmarking the current state of the business against business goals and the proven best practices of professional selling and customer service.


  • Leveraging the power of the SalesUniversity.com virtual campus and the comprehensive Sales University curriculum for achievement to deliver training, tools, and coaching in a manner consistent with the proven model for affecting real, lasting, individual and organizational change.


  • Delivering training and coaching resources "On Demand" to give each Client the power to quickly address their specific business needs, when they need to be addressed.


  • Leveraging our unique self-tailoring curriculum design to deliver a personalized professional development experience that produces the greatest results, and a great ROI.