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Sales University® offers a range of organizational and personal assessment tools to help Clients benchmark where they stand today, understand the tools and talents they currently possess, and to serve as a starting point for moving forward in pursuit of new sales effectiveness strategies and professional development solutions.

Sales Effectiveness Survey
Using proprietary tools, we conduct a survey across the 7 core competencies of Sales Leadership, and of high-performance sales organizations, to measure a Client's preparedness for building and sustaining a high-performance sales and customer care organization.
Sales Compensation Survey
Sales University® uses a combination of survey tools and proprietary sales compensation calculation tools to help you:
  • Assess how well your existing compensation plans are aligned with your business goals and objectives.
  • Assess how well your existing compensation plans are designed to perform within the constraints of your compensation budget.
  • Assess how well your existing compensation plans are inspire and reward sales performance consistent with your business goals.
Personal Assessments
We use a range of personal and professional assessment tools to help give individuals and Leadership insights into the knowledge, skills, talents & traits each individual brings to the business. We work with Clients to use these Assessments to identify the strengths each individual can bring to the business, and to help tailor professional development programs to fit the needs of each member of your team.
Technology-Enabled Selling Assessments

All too often, technology is sold as a factor of sales productivity, when in fact, technology is merely a tool of productivity. We leverage our 30 years of experience in automating sales and customer care functions to help Clients assess how effectively they are employing technology to support their sales, customer care, and professional development goals.